Tips to shop from online classifieds

by Master Account

When you are shopping from the online classified portals, you came across so many options. In the first place, you need to understand the difference between the classified portals and e-stores. The e-stores offer you the products by different brands and retailers as new or sometimes used. While the classifieds help a local buyer to get connected with the local seller or retailer. Here the seller is not supposed to be a professional retailer for that product. If someone wants to sell his belonging, online classifieds are the best spot. Now, note some tips to make your shopping effective.

Use the search filters

On an online classified to make your purchase effective, accurate, and time-saving then use the search filters on the portal. These filters help you to be in the right product category and look for the exact product you want to buy. The sellers use the product titles for the ad placements, and you can use the filters to reach the exact desired product.

Evaluate serious seller

The most important thing you need to classify at the online classified store is the evaluation of the serious seller. Some of the people randomly put their stuff to sell online with unrealistic pricing and description. You need to go through all the description and pricing furthermore previous selling or buying ads to know the level of interest. Furthermore, the platforms like Makenofa offers you screened sellers having the special requirements for seller and buyer profiles.

Get all product details

The product you have selected in the first place, now get all its details. The best way is to read out the description provided by the seller. If you are unable to find any details on the description then ask for further information from the seller. This will help you to value the product and get an idea about its condition. You can ask for the pictures to see the live condition of the product.

Look for similar products

Even after selecting one fine product to get the idea about its fair pricing, you can look for similar products by other sellers on the platform. It helps you to know about the condition and pricing of the product in a better way.

Compare with market rates

Mostly at the classified stores, you are getting the first hand used products or products by the small retailers. Their prices are different from the others, and you can have the idea about the market rates by looking for similar products at the other retail platforms. This will help you to identify the real saving on shopping from the classified store.  

Finalize the deal in person

Never make a blind deal. It is the best way to offer cash in hand after testing the product in person. If you are interested in buying a product, ask the seller to meet up at a point for the testing and finalization of the deal. Paying online without testing the product will cause you some issues in the end.