How to navigate on Makenofa?

by Master Account

Makenofa is designed to make your online shopping convenient, easy, and cost-efficient. It helps you to make some of the wise investment in several products and services at economical rates. To connect you with the local suppliers and sellers platform offers you extensive features. It is not like any other random and regular platform but gives you something exceptional in the package for sure. To make efficient purchases, you need to navigate through the platform efficiently. Here are some guidelines for navigation:

Check out the categories

Makenofa has several categories for each product or services providers. From household to hobbies, IT to communication, and miscellaneous you can find anything here. You can access the categories at the top left corner of the main page. From there, you can select to reach the desired category directly. On the other hand, the most popular categories are also mentioned on the home page right after the search bar.

Use search filters

If you don’t want to browse the categories and know the product name you are looking for them to go to the search bar. Here you can enter the product or seller directly to be on the desired page. If you do not know the name but the specifications or any details about it, then you can use these details here. Using this search filter, you can save time and be on the right spot. If you have to search through the pages to reach the ultimate product even then, you will not have to go through many of these pages in the first place.

Enter keywords in the search bar

If you want to be efficient with your searches and save time, then make sure to use keywords for the product search on site. It helps you to get accurate results in the search. It is noticeable to use the exact and more relevant keywords so you will not get any irrelevant results. Some of the generic keywords are attached to many products, so you will end up having different results sometimes. If you are not sure about the exact keywords related to your product, then first go to your category and then search the relevant product.

Pick up the top sellers

Makenofa provides you the list and category of the best seller products and sellers as well. The list includes best reviews and sold out products on site. It helps you to make the first choice and sellers a chance to sell more of their products on the platform. It is overall helpful for you to look for trendy products.

View your cart

You can check your cart anytime while moving on the web store. It will help you to look into what you shop and how much you are spending on the stuff. The cart lets you deselect or discard any product from the bucket and wish list as well. You can control the shopping expense using this feature.