Shipping and payment methods are the most important ingredients of any business. It is important to make sure that these work fine and assist in the process of buying something instead of making it more difficult. Therefore, keeping in mind the ease of customer and all those people who buy from Makenofa we have come up with a very sophisticated and user-friendly shipping and payment process. We have used the all the possible payment methods in order to make sure that all types of people reach out and buy from our website. There are a number of options when it comes to payment options and most highlighted and famous are used by us so that our customers do not look for alternative payment methods. Following are some of those options:

  • · COD (cash on delivery)
  • · PayPal
  • · Bank Transfer
  • · 2 Checkout

These are the most famous payment methods and we have integrated all of them in order to make sure that our customer gets the best of experience and they do not hesitate from buying because of payment options and methods. When it comes to shipping, we will be providing you with all the material that you buy at your doorstep with a very sophisticated shipping procedure. We will use our own shipping methods and will charge you the minimal amount for shipping. We value our customers and we will make sure that all the items that you buy gets shipped safely and reaches you in the exact health as it is described.